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Tackling your use of (single-use) plastic can be challenging. And it will only be successful in the long-run if you take time at the beginning to assess your plastic waste volume and develop an individual plastic waste reduction strategy based on the results in order to manage your plastic waste successfully.

Tips: Step-by-step plan

In order to help you tackling your use of (single-use) plastic, we created a plan with five helpful steps which you can find here.

Facts: Plastic waste facts

Nowadays, plastic waste can be found anywhere in the world, as it has many advantages. But what is a blessing is at the same time a curse, as it takes hundreds of years to break down.

Tips: The Three R’s

The three R-principle REMOVE – REDUCE – RECYCLE helps to manage your single-use plastic consumption and waste.

Tips: Why measuring your plastic waste

Measuring your plastic waste offers some benefits. They reach from finding the origin of the plastic to monitoring and evaluating your reduction measures.

Tools: Templates to help you measure your plastic waste

Next to our tips for reducing your plastic consumption and waste, we offer you some practical and easy tools that will help you.

Tips: The Waste Hierarchy

The so-called “waste hierarchy” is a ranking system that helps businesses to deal with waste in the best possible way for the environment.

Tips: Benefits of plastic waste management

Managing your plastic waste in an effective and environmentally safe way has several benefits and purposes. Find out more about them here.

Facts: The role of plastic in tourism

Tourism is equally a contributor to and victim of the plastic waste pollution. Learn more about the connection between tourism and plastic pollution.

Tips: How to measure your plastic waste

To reduce your plastic waste and consumption, it is useful to identify the areas where (single-use) plastic products are used. Our Plastic Management Spreadsheet can help with this.

Tips: How to monitor

In order to help you analyzing whether your reduction measures are successful or need an improvement, we created a step-by-step plan to monitor your success.

Tips: Evaluation of measurement results

Relating key figures such as the number of your guests and the amount fof consumed plastic items, can help you assessing your measures.

Tips: Measuring your plastic waste successfully

Measuring your plastic waste can be challenging. Have a look at our to tips how to measure your plastic waste successfully.

Starters Manual For A Plastic Pollution Free Holiday

This guidance supports tourism businesses in managing and reducing their plastic waste. It not only gives information on the management and assessment of plastic waste but also on practical and sustainable alternatives of single-use plastic products, the correct recycling and disposal as well as on the communication to your staff and guests.