Tips: Why measuring your plastic waste

Measuring your plastic waste offers some benefits. They reach from finding the origin of the plastic to monitoring and evaluating your reduction measures.

Tips: The Three R’s

The three R-principle REMOVE – REDUCE – RECYCLE helps to manage your single-use plastic consumption and waste.

Facts: Plastic waste facts

Nowadays, plastic waste can be found anywhere in the world, as it has many advantages. But what is a blessing is at the same time a curse, as it takes hundreds of years to break down.

Tips: Step-by-step plan

In order to help you tackling your use of (single-use) plastic, we created a plan with five helpful steps which you can find here.

Facts: All about plastic recycling

Recycling is an important step for reducing waste. But only a small proportion of plastic waste is actually recycled. Click for interesting plastic recycling facts.