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Best practice examples from hotels

Numerous Hotels around the world are already working hard on reducing single-use plastic and came with lots of brilliant, innovative and great measures which the following examples show.

Iberostar Group (Spain / Worldwide)

With its ambitious initiative “Wave of Change” Iberostar Hotels achieved the goal of being the first Spanish hotel chain completely free of single-use plastic products in their hotel rooms in 2018.

In total, over 607 tons of single-use plastic were avoided as a result of this program by the end of 2019. Reduction measures included:

  • switching from plastic bottled water to glass bottles and dispenser/ reuse systems
  • replacing mini shampoo /showergel bottles with dispensers as well as redesigning amenities using more sustainable materials
  • replacing individual plastic-packaged jam portions with dispensers at the breakfast buffet.

In addition, Iberostar invested in three industrial scale composting projects to work towards a circular economy, which now enables hotels to compost all organic waste. As a next step, Iberostar Group plans to be completely waste-free by 2025.


As part of the Futouris project “Plastic-free holidays” four alternatives to single-use plastic products were tested in ROBINSON Cala Serena:

  • Plastic-free and home compostable coffee capsules instead of regular coffee capsules.
  • Liquid handwash dispenser and combined shampoo/shower gel dispensers made from local almonds replacing bar soaps and bottles of shampoo and shower gel.
  • Reusable, washable bin liners instead of single-use plastic liners.
  • Stabilised aqueous ozone replacing general cleaning and glass cleaning products.


The trial was very successful, as guest perceived the alternative products mostly as better for the environment and staff would like to see the continued use of the tested products. Furthermore, the opportunity for plastic waste reduction and costs savings are significant, e.g. by using the plastic-free and toxic-free cleaning device costs can be reduced by 85% per guest night.

Universal Beach Hotels

Universal Beach Hotels has a strong sense of responsibility towards their guests, the community and the environment. They are committed to conserving precisely those things that holidaymakers and residents alike love about the island.

In the frame of the Futouris project “Plastic-free holidays” Universal Beach Hotels has installed water station providing guests with fresh, filtered water at any time.


In each room guests are provided with locally made shampoo and shower gel provided in large dispensers that are refilled by the company.

Other amenities (e.g. razors, toothbrushes, etc.) are made of sustainable materials and are only available at the reception upon personal request.