Tips: Measures to improve plastic recycling

Facts: Types of plastic

Not all plastic is recyclable, some plastic products are difficult to recycle, depending on the materials used and its composition. Find out about the different types of plastic and their recycling rate.

Tips: Sorting of plastic waste

Learn how to sort you plastic waste accordingly by applying our practical tips.

Tips: Setting up a recycling system

In order to protect the environment and to preserve natural resources, the correct recovery, recycling and disposal of plastic waste is important.
Learn how to set up your own recycling system

Facts: Why is recycling important?

Plastic waste which is not managed properly, is a danger for the environment, animals and humans. That is why recycling is important to decrease this risk.

Facts: All about plastic recycling

Recycling is an important step for reducing waste. But only a small proportion of plastic waste is actually recycled. Click for interesting plastic recycling facts.