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Measures to improve plastic recycling

In order to implement measures to improve the plastic recycling in your business, make sure that all relevant stakeholders are involved: Responsible staff, your waste contractor and also your guests.
Have a look at the most important measures you should implement in order to improve the recycling rate of plastic waste on your premise.


  • Check with your local waste facility or waste collection contractor which materials / types of plastic are accepted for recovery and recycling.
  • Ask your local waste facility to provide regular feedback regarding the possible contamination of your collected plastic waste as well as statistics on the amount of plastic waste.
  • Ensure that your purchasing team prioritize products that can be processed locally.


  • Install waste bins for staff and guests to separate waste. Make sure that the bins are placed strategically throughout your hotel and can be reached easily.
  • Provide recycling bins in guest rooms as well.
  • Clearly label the plastic waste bins. Also use colours if you have several waste bins – it also helps those who can’t read.
  • Train your staff on (plastic) waste separation on a regular basis. Make sure they understand the importance and benefits of correct separation and handling of plastic waste.
  • Assign responsibilities – who of your employees should be responsible for collecting the waste bins and bringing the collected waste to the containers?
  • Set up communication signs and information for guests. Encourage your guests to correctly sort the waste by making it easy for them and also by providing relevant information.
  • In order to prevent contamination between (recyclable) plastic waste and general waste, it is recommended
    • to establish Standard Operating Procedures that every employee dealing with plastic waste has to follow.
    • to provide a bin for general waste so that recyclable plastic waste don’t get mixed up with non-recyclable (plastic) or general waste.


  • Buy only products that are recyclable and can be processed locally.
  • Team up with your suppliers, discuss whether a returnable packaging system with reusable packaging boxes can be established.
  • Train your staff on the topic of plastic recycling, the benefits and ensure that they have understood what happens plastic waste is contaminated.
  • Include the topic of recycling (and plastic waste) in the kids club activities.
  • Be creative and make art from plastic to be reused again (preferably from the non-recyclable waste).


The best waste is the one that doesn’t occur in the first place. Therefore, try to avoid as much waste as possible by preferring reusable products. All remaining waste should be recycled.