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Recycling Facts

In order to protect the environment and to preserve natural resources, the correct recovery, recycling and disposal of plastic waste is important. By re-using and recycling plastic products and waste as many times as possible the lifespan of plastics is improved. Recycling also helps to avoid carbon emissions.

Did you know that…?

…only 28% of the total plastic waste produced in the European Union in 2016 was recycled whilst 24.5% were disposed in landfills.


…worldwide, only 10% of the plastic waste is being recycled.


…plastics for packaging is a priority area when it comes to design for recyclability.


… the recycling of 1 ton of plastics can avoid 2.5 tons of CO2 (when produced from virgin materials) and 2.7 tons of CO2 if incinerated.


…the recycling of PET (Polyethylene, e.g. used for water bottles) even saves 83% of energy and 70% of carbon emissions compared to PET that is produced from virgin materials.


…bio-degradable and compostable plastics are mostly non-recyclable.