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Setting up a recycling system

In order to protect the environment and to preserve natural resources, the correct recovery, recycling and disposal of plastic waste is important.
The following tips will help you to set up your own recycling system in your company.

Recycling your remaining plastic waste should always be your first choice when it comes to the disposal of your plastic waste!

Learn about the types of plastic

To ensure a high recycling rate you need to know which plastics are recyclable because not all plastic products can be recycled. Plastic products that are not recycled are either incinerated (which produces carbon dioxide), put in landfills (where it takes hundreds of years to decompose) or end up in nature.


Have a look at this brief overview about the different types of plastic and their recycling rate.


Make sure to prefer the recyclable plastic products when purchasing. More information on the different materials of products, their recyclability and recovery rate can be found in our Sustainability Ratings Charts Booklet.

Tips to set up a recycling system

Check with your local waste contractor

Check with your local waste facility or waste collection contractor which materials / types of plastic are accepted for recovery and recycling.



Ensure that your purchasing team prioritize products that can be processed locally.


Sorting and collection

Make sure that the plastic waste is sorted and collected separately (recycling companies can’t treat plastic waste when it is mixed up with other waste (e.g. food waste)).


Prevent contamination

Ensure that contamination between (recyclable) plastic waste and general waste is prevented.