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Sorting of plastic waste

The correct sorting of waste is an important step to avoid contamination between recyclable plastic waste and general waste and also improves your recycling rate.

Follow these tips to ensure successful sorting of plastic waste

Location of waste bins

Install waste bins for staff and guests to separate waste. Make sure that the bins are placed strategically throughout your hotel and can be reached easily.


Labelling of waste bins

Clearly label the plastic waste bins. Also use colours if you have several waste bins – it also helps those who can’t read.


Involvement of staff

Train your staff on (plastic) waste separation on a regular basis. Make sure they understand the importance and benefits of correct separation and handling of plastic waste.


Assignment of responsibilities

Who of your employees should be responsible for collecting the waste bins and bringing the collected waste to the containers? Assign responsibilities.


Involvement of guests

Set up communication signs and information for your guests. Encourage them to correctly sort the waste by making it easy for them and also by providing relevant information.


Prevent contamination

Provide a bin for general waste so that recyclable plastic waste doesn’t get mixed up with non-recyclable (plastic) or general waste.