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Standard Operating Procedures

The objective of these procedures is to help businesses to minimize unnecessary waste without compromising the guest experience or health and safety expectations.

In many instances, single-use items are “perceived” to provide higher standards of hygiene and safety, but this is often not the case. For example, the World Health Organisation openly recognizes that the use of single-use gloves can lead to an even higher risk of spreading infection because they give a false sense of reassurance, and they advise against the use of gloves in most circumstances.


These Standard Operating Procedures have been created together with the technical insight of health and safety experts at Intertek Cristal and include step by step instructions that can be followed so that reusable and refillable alternatives can be implemented safely.


It is recommended that any changes are supported with positive customer communications, and that any customer-facing staff are trained so that they are able to deal proactively and professionally with any concerns raised by guests.