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Team up with your staff

Involving and teaming up with your staff is most important when developing and implementing your plastic reduction strategy. Learn how to encourage your staff to support your strategy and what to consider when involving them.


Staff are at the forefront of each business, whether supporting the business’ sustainability strategy or measures or being in contact with guests.


They are the ones your guests first approach when they have any issues. On the other hand, your staff can address the guests directly, by explaining to them the business’ plastic waste reduction strategy or showing them how to support the measures.

How to involve staff

In order to support your business’ plastic waste reduction measures your employees need to understand the underlying reasons for plastic waste management and recycling.


Here are some suggestion what to do

  • Raising awareness on plastic waste and its effects on the environment when the plastic waste is not managed in an environmentally safe way.
  • Telling them WHY the business is reducing, sorting and recycling its plastic waste
  • Involving them in the development of the business’ strategy, its targets and activities and sharing information and insights
  • Training them on how they can support the hotel’s plastic waste management and recycling strategy and contribute to achieving the set targets.

Tips for successful involvement of staff

  • Remember to communicate in a positive way, without educating or telling your staff what to do.
  • Make the communication clear, easy to understand and fun as well. A little competition always helps to boost engagement.
  • Be open for ideas, questions and doubts and make sure staff can give their feedback.
  • Don’t overwhelm your staff with a flood of information, with too many emails and messages.